The Gorilla Press, Issue 135

Matt Heads To Montana Each year Matt does a seminar circuit and Montana is always a priority on the list. His visit to Kalispell typically

The Gorilla Press, Issue 134

Travis Hops On Cornerstone Of America Podcast They say you can judge a man’s character by the company he keeps. If that’s the case then

The Gorilla Press, Issue 133

Matt On Failure “A student asked a question recently about a problem they were having during a drill. They kept putting their arm in a

The Gorilla Press, Issue 132

When Results Matter- In this podcast snippet, Matt talks about the importance of being right when it matters, despite how we may feel.   When Results Matter – In last months podcast Matt did an interview at PSU with Professor Peter Boghossian. The interview also featured some Q and A with the students. For those […]

The Gorilla Press, Issue 131

SBG Buford Starts The Month Off Right! “What a weekend for SBG! It wasn’t all about MMA this past Saturday, as our tribe also had a

The Gorilla Press, Issue 126

Matt Joins JSM For Conversation Auguest SBG Podcast, Joing Matt In Conversation With Long-Standing BJJ Jedi John Frankl Matt Visits SBG Idaho It’s been a slow year

The Gorilla Press, Issue 117

Founder Matt Thornton Reflects on Aliveness & Fantasy Martial Arts Discussing his views on fantasy martial arts such as Jeet Kune Do, Matt shares the