The Gorilla Press, Issue 135

Matt Heads To Montana Each year Matt does a seminar circuit and Montana is always a priority on the list. His visit to Kalispell typically

The Gorilla Press, Issue 134

Travis Hops On Cornerstone Of America Podcast They say you can judge a man’s character by the company he keeps. If that’s the case then

The Gorilla Press, Issue 133

Matt On Failure “A student asked a question recently about a problem they were having during a drill. They kept putting their arm in a particular place, and getting thrown off top.My initial answer was: “stop putting your arm there.”That may seem flippant, but, it’s important we remember the real point of drilling. The point […]

Karate Classes In Portland And Self Defense

It is a rare parent that considers their children’s personal safety such that they put in place a comprehensive programme to evolve and safeguard their child’s development with a traditional self defense system such as Karate. Children are often left to develop their own strategies to deal with bullies, either verbal, physical or increasingly now, in […]

The Gorilla Press, Issue 132

When Results Matter- In this podcast snippet, Matt talks about the importance of being right when it matters, despite how we may feel.   When

The Gorilla Press, Issue 131

SBG Buford Starts The Month Off Right! “What a weekend for SBG! It wasn’t all about MMA this past Saturday, as our tribe also had a great showing at NEWBREED, bringing home a whole lot of new hardware . We had veteran Jiu Jitsu athletes alongside first time competitors, all of whom got out there and put […]

The Gorilla Press, Issue 126

Matt Joins JSM For Conversation Auguest SBG Podcast, Joing Matt In Conversation With Long-Standing BJJ Jedi John Frankl Matt Visits SBG Idaho It’s been a slow year for travel but we are staying optimistic. The Ladies Showing A STRONG Women’s Group In SBG IDAHO Staying Optimistic Because- Jiu-Jitsu WILL be back, and it will be back stronger […]

Systema: Is it the worst martial art in the world?

There is always great debate amongst the effectiveness of specific martial arts. Some advocate wrestling based on the continued success of its practitioners in the UFC. Similarly, others point to the success of Royce Gracie in the early ‘no rules’ UFC Championships where the smallest man in the competition consistently beat much larger experts. As […]

The Gorilla Press, Issue 117

Founder Matt Thornton Reflects on Aliveness & Fantasy Martial Arts Discussing his views on fantasy martial arts such as Jeet Kune Do, Matt shares the reality and truth that aliveness brings to the functional martial arts community: “It is an interesting thing, anytime Aliveness is removed from a Martial Art the Martial Artists ends up […]

Gorilla Cup and Humane Society Fundraiser

-Saturday Classes Are Cancelled- For The Gorilla Cup And Humane Society Fundraiser! Click HERE To Register This weekend is right around the corner though so do yourself and the coaches a favor and REGISTER EARLY. This will greatly speed up the tournament allowing coaches to set up brackets before the day of. Early Registration May Be Over […]