Karate Classes In Portland And Self Defense

It is a rare parent that considers their children’s personal safety such that they put in place a comprehensive programme to evolve and safeguard their child’s development with a traditional self defense system such as Karate. Children are often left to develop their own strategies to deal with bullies, either verbal, physical or increasingly now, in the written form with social and online media providing constant opportunities to be the victim of other’s aggression. As you are reading this, you are likely a parent in this small demographic that is taking proactive steps to give your child every chance of prospering. Given that you have come further than most parents ever will, its now really worth considering what the best martial art is for your child’s safety, security and happiness, where there is also an emphasis on making new friends, maintaining relationships, and having fun all whilst learning the most effective systems of self defense that don’t involve tradition for tradition’s sake.

Unfortunately, this is the step where many parents are presented with a confusing range of exotic sounding martial arts, well-meaning friends and relatives throw in some others they have either practiced or know someone else who does them, and given this lottery of options, many understandably make less than optimal decisions for their children.

The challenge with many striking only martial arts such as Karate, is the emphasis on punching and kicking as the primary solution to any form of conflict. In some circumstances, punching and kicking may be highly ineffective as a form of self defense, increasing rather than decreasing the physical harm received. In others, it can lead to excessive force against an excitable but harmless friend, a visit to the principal’s office or in worse cases a lawsuit, when all that was needed was a verbal or physical boundary putting in place, such as a harmless grip break, affirmative language and a dominant, confident posture. We often see Karate classes where children learn Kata – pointless rehearsed routines that neither aid safety, develop discipline, nor develop transferable skills.

Our intention is to help develop the skills that too often schools have neither the time nor knowledge to develop. Our breathing methods help to reduce anxiety, to enhance sleep both getting to and remaining, and enhancing the respiratory system helping children to become masters of their bodies with life skills that will remain throughout their lives. We develop awareness of the “fight or flight state”, its impact on our health, how to help manage it, and even touch upon the biology involved in a child friendly manner.

Whilst Straight Blast Gym has over 60 mixed martial arts gyms with some of the world’s most famous and successful mixed martial artists being developed in our unique training methods, over 97% of our members will never actually compete outside of our gyms. However, that does not stop children, Mums and Dads, professionals, over 60s, and every type of demographic you can imagine from learning the very best systems for personal safety, fitness, health and enjoyment.

We hope to see you on the mats!

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