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Practical Yoga in Portland

Primate Yoga Portland was established in 2011 by Salome Thornton. At Primate Yoga, we are dedicated to the Practical Practice of Yoga as informed through the understanding of human anatomy the scientific community gives us. This is the foundation for a safe and Practical Practice! This understanding allows your yoga practice to be well rounded by many different styles with the added benefit of an informed anatomical knowledge of your yoga practice.

Yoga For Everyone

Our goal at Primate Yoga Portland is to make Yoga accessible to everyone, no matter the previous experience, age, size or physical limitations. Using our revolutionary and oh so practical teaching methods we teach yoga from the fundamentals up, providing students with a strong foundation to build upon and a variety of options for practice as they progress by exploring different styles of yoga.

Primate Yoga-Practical Practice is not your typical yoga program in Portland

It is a combination of several styles of Yoga, designed to make you stronger, and more balanced with a full range of motion. Our Yoga Program is arranged in an easy to follow curriculum to give you a full understanding of yoga as opposed to just running you through the motions. Join today and experience how Yoga is supposed to be learned.