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Choosing a Fitness Program

Let’s face it, these days fitness classes are literally everywhere. There is hot yoga, cold warehouse CrossFit, and cardio kickboxing that will do everything but teach you how to kickbox.

Some of it is dangerous.
Some of it is silly.
And most of it is boring.

Now imagine an alternative. Imagine a facility that’s trained world class athletes for decades. One known worldwide for its high level of coaching and instruction.

Now imagine that place is offering classes designed specifically for beginners, and people of all ages.  People who want to learn functional fitness, in a safe, and exciting environment. People who want their fitness to also be fun. People who want to look forward to their workouts.

Imagine no more because that facility is here!

Fitness at SBG Portland

SBG is Portland’s original functional Martial Arts school. We’ve been around for more than 25 years, and we have locations worldwide!

Yes, we are known for our famous athletes like Conor McGregor. But what you may not know is that most of our clients are people just like YOU.

Every day people who work full time, have families, have busy lives, and still want to get in shape AND love doing it.

Come learn why SBG has grown from a small school in Portland, into a business with over 50 locations.

We know what we are doing. And so will you once you join the Tribe.

Call now to try a FREE class, or consult with one of our trainers at no charge.