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Lots of places claim to teach ‘Women’s Self-Defense’

Unfortunately, more often than not, what they are really teaching is make-believe Martial Arts that don’t work, and poorly thought out advice that may get you hurt. In a field where everyone claims to be an expert, how can you tell what’s who is real, and who is just trying to take your money?

SBG has been in Portland for over 25 years. Now worldwide, what started here almost three decades ago has become an organization with over 50 locations all across the planet.

Our coaches are highly sought after professionals who have coached and designed programs for law enforcement and military professionals, Oregon’s first ever female world champions, everyday people looking to gain confidence, and the some of world’s best MMA athletes. SBG has done it all.

SBG isn’t one among many – SBG is the best in the world at what we do

And part of what we do is offer functional self-defense for everyday people. When you walk into our world headquarters here in Portland, one of the first things you might notice is the large amount of women training.

Almost half our membership is female. Many of our coaches are women. And many of our top athletes are women. We’ve been offering women’s self-defense programs for two decades, and the material we teach is designed with one criteria above all else – it must work.

We aren’t here to tell you what you want to hear

We aren’t here to give you a false send of confidence.

We don’t sell fantasy.

Instead, you’ll learn real skills.
Skills you can use.
Skills you’ll know you can use.

Skills which will, over time, help you develop confidence, and the ability to go home safe to your family – no matter what life brings you.