The Gorilla Press, Issue 146

Paul Sharp On MDOC 2

🗣 YO‼️ Heading to Dallas this weekend to teach MDOC 2.0‼️‼️

What is MDOC 2.0? And why call it 2.0? ⁣

First a little history. In 1999 I introduced the combatives world to the Helmet aka the Default Cover. You can see this documented in the original ISR Matrix instructionals filmed in the 1990’s. In 2001 I introduced the combatives world to the Mountain Goat Drill aka 3rd Eye Drill which you can see documented in the SBG Camp instructional, I, along with a small handful of guys, was championing the use of Boxing/Muay Thai, Wrestling, and BJJ as the best delivery system for fighting in and out of a sportive environment.⁣

🗣 This is why you can hear me say on the SBG Camp instructionals released in 2003, “We’re not sport or street, we’re taking it off-road baby!!” Our goal was to make good people dangerous to bad people. We wanted to build human Baja racing cars/trucks. You can drive it on a track, or on the street and be competitive but if you really want to outperform everyone else you take ‘em off road. 🏁

Even though I have spent a lifetime developing and optimizing this hybrid training method, integrating sport and street strategies, tactics, and techniques, I’m still not satisfied. There’s more to do. I can go deeper and in MDOC 2.0 that’s exactly what we do!! MDOC 1.0 was solid and I could continue to teach the same material for the next 10-20 years. However, I’m not resting on laurels. I’ve continued to train, test, and evaluate everything I present. I’m in the mix every day, training and pushing my limits, deepening my understanding of how to apply this in a combative weapon based environment. ⁣

At this point I’m closing in on 3 decades of actively studying, teaching, and applying this material. MDOC 2.0 is where I am in 2022 in my study. Come train with me. I’ll teach you the fastest way to take your combat sport and optimize it as a delivery system that works in any environment. ⁣”

Matt Thornton Heads To Toronto and Niagara

“Still a few spots open for this weekend’s Matt Thornton Seminar. He will be covering Open Guard on Saturday at SBG Niagara and Half Guard Top at SBG Scarborough on Sunday.

Looking forward an incredible weekend of Jiu-Jitsu and catching up with Matt Thornton 

and Zach Thornton.

To register go to:
-Jun Dazai

Niagara Dressing Up For The Event

“More phenomenal work from John to make SBG Niagara look even better!

The BJJ Tree is the cornerstone of the SBG BJJ Program, and a big thank you to Coach Steve Bazzea of SBG Cape Town for the design of this.

The SBG University banner is important to me for a couple of reasons. One, it is what helped me through the pandemic times, emotionally and mentally, as I couldn’t see Coach Thornton for that extended time, and the videos from SBGU kept me connected with training, and with Coach Thornton, as much as possible.

The other is that it shows the some of the OG coaches within SBG, who have all played a role in my growth as a person, athlete, and a coach. And dear to my heart is that Coach Karl is there, and will always be a permanent part of our gym.

Hell yeah!” – Rich Beaupit

Rich Beaupit Gets His Brown Belt

“I had the honor of awarding coach Rich Beaupit his well deserved brown belt this afternoon.

As my father said many years ago, if you were looking for someone to represent the best of what SBG is all about, you couldn’t do better than coach Rich.”

Off To Scarborough

Some of coach Chris Haueter’s art, hanging on the wall at SBG Scarborough. 🦍🇨🇦🍁💪🏻

Another great day in the world’s best office. Today, Toronto Canada, at SBG Scarborough.

On the menu was passing 1/2 guard top.

Thanks for everyone who particpated. Great group, and great community being built by coach Jun. 🦍🍁🇨🇦💪🏻

From Rich Beaupit

“It was an incredible weekend of training, learning, and being with Coach Thornton.

Coach Thornton consistently helps all seminar attendees understand jiu jitsu better, and get better, throughout the two days. That’s all attendees, from new white belts to coaches, because of Coach Thornton’s focus on fundamentals.

Hell Yeah to Coach Jun for helping organize the seminar, he put in a lot of effort with the registrations. I always enjoy my time around Jun, a great martial artist, and even better friend. And Hell Yeah to all the SBG Scarborough athletes in attendance, great seeing our teams together.

Hell Yeah to Coach Steve Winjet, for coming in from Edmonton to be here for the seminar. One of my dearest friends, this weekend Steve and I were able to get some good time in after the seminar days just hanging in my living room, talking for hours about life. He is as real as they come, loyal to the core, and I value our friendship dearly.

Hell Yeah to Coach Zach for making the trip in, helping out at the seminar. I haven’t seen him in quite some time, and I enjoyed being able to reconnect.

Hell Yeah to Coach Lancucki being there, and his friendship over the years. He is an OG, and brings his unique sense of humour with wherever he goes.

Hell Yeah to all my athletes that attended the seminar. We can’t host these events without your support, and it means a lot that you came out and showed your love for Coach Thornton’s return.

A huge Hell Yeah to Coach Thornton. He always delivers an amazing seminar that makes me a better martial artist, and most important for me, a better coach for my athletes. My times off the mats with Coach Matt is just as important to me. Not just my coach, he is a mentor, and is a great friend, and to have our time together this weekend talking about the arts, and life, is something I am really grateful for.

Coach Matt awarded me my brown belt this weekend, and I am humbled and grateful for this. To have Reece there made it pretty special. To everyone in the Tribe, you all share a piece of this with me. It is all of you that help me improve, and be the best I can be. Especially my fellow coaches, training with you guys is what pushes me to keep improving, and I am beyond grateful for you all.

To everyone that sent me

congratulations and kind words, THANK YOU all so much! It is a great feeling to have so many friends that are genuine and happy for you.

Hell yeah!”

Name That Band


“I just finished the Saturday session at the SBG UK Camp. It’s always great to be here with everyone. It’s especially nice considering Covid meant it’s been three years since my last trip.

The level of instruction has been phenomenal, and I’ve enjoyed every session. Here, it’s always fundamental Jiu-Jitsu that’s designed for fighting, the best kind.

At the end of my session I had some stripes to hand out. Last time I was here I had planned to say a few words about Karl. When the time came, I couldn’t. That’s bothered me since, and so today, three years later, I wanted to make up for that. Again, I couldn’t. For that I apologize.

For all who were there, here is what I intended to say:

“I want to take a moment to stop and thank the man who made this all happen. Without Karl, I wouldn’t be here today, teaching. Without Karl, most all of you wouldn’t be here today. There would be no SBG UK. There wouldn’t be these talented black belts here. These relationships all of you have gained through the gym, these experiences, all of it, is due in large part to his vision.

If he were here today I know how proud he would be to call these coaches up, and tie on their stripes. And I’d be here, enjoying the happiness that experience would be bringing him. Since he’s not, I am. And it’s an honor. But I’d like to take a moment and remember, it is because of Karl that all of us are gathered here.“

Maybe sometime in the future I’ll be able to get this out, but in the meantime I’d like all of you who knew Karl to think of one of your fondest, funniest, or happiest moments with him (we all have many), and tip a glass – a toast to the man who made it all happen. One of a kind.”

It was an honor to award Casey Jones his 3rd stripe; Jason Tan his 3rd stripe; Glyn Powditch his 2nd stripe; Chris Coltrane his 2nd stripe; Mark Spencer his 2nd stripe; and Ella Tanswell her 1st stripe.

It’s was also a privilege to be there as Casey Jones awarded a stripe to his first black belt, and Matt Inman awarded a well deserved black belt to our first Finish black belt, Jarrko Korjus. I’ll let coach Matt detail that one.”

From SBG Manchester

“SBG UK camp 2022 🦍🦍 .

It’s been an amazing few days of coaching, training and great company. Thank you to all the SBG UK coaches and members that attended.

A massive thank you to Matt Thornton @aliveness_ape for an amazing seminar . Also a big thank you to all the other SBG coaches @mattinman86 , Mikey ,Alex @chris_coltrane_sbg , Casey , @stapes_50cal , @glynpowditch , Zac for sharing their knowledge in their sessions.

Thank you for coach @mattinman86 for organising and coordinating the weekend. It was great to have you back at @sbgmanchester ❤️

Congratulations to @jarkkokorjus and @stapes_50cal on receiving their black belts and to all the other SBG UK black belts that were awarded stripes.

SBG UK is an incredible community that was started by Karl Tanswell and he would be so proud of how this community has continued ❤️ #sbg #sbguk #sbgi #sbgmanchester #bjj #brazilianjiujitsu #nogi #mma #manchester #manchestergyms #ufc”

Congratulations To The UK’s Newest Black Belts

“Today I was awarded my Black Belt by my long time Coach & Friend Matt Inman🥋

Due to circumstances outside of our Control I’ve spent almost 8 years at Brown Belt, longer than I spent at White, Blue & Purple Belt all added together!

It’s never been about the Colour of a Belt for me, it’s always been about Progress & being able to pass my Knowledge on and now that my time at Brown Belt has come to an end i can look back on it with pride & see the lessons learned aren’t always about ‘technique’ but also about patience & persistence – Two absolute Fundamentals of Grappling.

Just like to say a massive Thank you to Matt for all your Coaching & Guidance over the years and also to Coach Karl Tanswel who’s memory is strong with everyone at SBG… we wouldn’t be here without you Coach 💙

Thanks to Matt Thornton for making the trip over to SBG UK Camp again, already looking forward to the next one 🦍

Now back to my Social Media hiatus for another 9 Days” – Stapes Stapleton

From Jarkko

“The incredible weekend in Manchester is starting to come to an end, I would like to start by thanking Matt Inman in particular for arranging things so that I could see my friends in England after a long break. Matt gave me his hotel so that the trip was a success at all. Big thanks also Simon Kenny he gave me his home so I could stay the next night and arranged the hotel for one more night🙏❤I really appreciate your help I don’t know exactly what to say but a big thank you again for this🤗🙏 I was already really happy that I finally got to meet my friends after many years on the SBG team, but that’s not all ….. it wasn’t far away that the big man didn’t start crying when I received the black belt from brazilian jiu-jitsu from SBG UK head coach Matt Inman yesterday. I can’t even describe what this belt means to me but it has put so much time and sacrifice into it that I will never achieve anything so great again. It doesn’t matter when it comes but where it comes from, my belt comes through the late legendary coach Karl Tanswell from his successor. Thanks to head coach Matt Inman for this honor. My biggest thanks go to Karl Tanswell for all he did, for taking me to the SBG family and showed the right way. Thanks there somewhere I hope you’re proud, I couldn’t be more and when I got to camp to follow the legacy you’ve left, it so absolutely amazing community and skill level.

Thank you SBG UK for your hospitality and kindness, as if you were coming home and always as great to see you all. ❤Thanks to SBG team head coach Matt Thornton for setting up this awesome team 30 years ago, and thank you once again for a great seminar.💪👍👌

Thank you to my family for being able to take part in the trip, thank you to all my training friends who have folded at some point, thank you to Matti Koponen for muscle care, thank you to today’s medicine for being able to spin on the mat for so long. Though a little titanium in the body, but without modern medicine and skilled doctors this would never have happened. I can’t really put this into words but it’s an amazing feeling ….”

“Always a pleasure to see Davey Grant on the mat. He’s been putting on clinics at the UFC, and always impresses. 🦍🥊

Matt On The Gospel Of Fire

Matt On Rol Radio

Ladies Camp Hits Reno!

“Coaches at “SBG Women’s Camp 2022”

Coach @alminebarton presented a class on bottom side-control & was on the Q & A panel for day #3

Catch her classes next week 🥋

#bendsbg #coach #sbgbend #straightblastgym #sbgwomenscamp #bjj #jiujitsu #bendoregon #inbend #womensjiujitsu #womensclass” – SBG Bend

From Coach Salome

“SBG Ladies Camp 2022, Reno NV!
A huge thanks to Jessica Locke, and the momentum girl gang for making us all feel welcome. Hosting camp is no small feat and you guys did an amazing job. Thank you to all our wonderful coaches, the material brought to the table this year was top notch! But most of all, thank you to all of you who showed up this year! A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, and at SBG we don’t weed out the weak, we make them stronger. 30years of making good people more dangerous to the bad guys! So link up ladies, and remember we rise by lifting each other! Until next year; love long and prosper!!! Xoxo SBG Ladies League


Sneak Peak At Un-Pinnable

“One of our goals at SBG is to help our students understand how the arts (Jiu-Jitsu/fighting/violence) work.

We’re firm believers that once you start to put these principles together in your mind, once you start to grasp the deeper concepts behind the fundamental movements, your game can, and will, take off to new levels.

In this preview for SBG coach Raymond Price’s upcoming new series – “Un-Pinnable” – coach Ray does a phenomenal job of articulating some of these often misunderstood ideas in a way that will transform your game.

One of the best fundamental principle videos that we’ve seen so far – so take notes, and get a sneak peak at what will be one of the best series we’ve ever put out. 🦍🎥💡💪🏻

Coach Beaupit’s Unpinnable Review

On Tribe – Cane Prevost

“Tribe matters. Your belt is 20% yours and 80% your tribes. Don’t ever forget that.

If we are not careful we can think that we did it all on our own. My belt belongs to my coach for showing me the way. It belongs to my peers for giving me an example of how to progress. It belongs to my students for keeping me engaged in the learning process. It belongs to the extended tribe for sharing ideas, techniques, concepts, and principles across continents.

My Jiu Jitsu is not mine alone. Only a small part of it is mine. That’s why it is my responsibility to care for it and share it freely with my tribe. That’s why I will never forget that responsibility and honor. “Leave your ego at the door” means not attaching too strongly to outcomes on the mat. It also means not forgetting the role that others have played in your development and passing that on.

The tribe grows individually together. Every member has an important role to play and we should never forget that. Make everyone else around you good and your game will take care of itself. Each of us owns a small part of everyone else’s game and it’s our responsibility to nurture it.

We collectively own the Jiu Jitsu knowledge of SBG. It is ours and not mine or yours. That is the power of tribe.” – Cane Prevost


“The commitment towards reality the way it is as opposed to the way we wish it to be means always being mentally prepared to revise your beliefs in light of new evidence, being emotionally prepared to test your theories, your ideas, and yourself through the “opponent process” – and within the combat sports – being ready to physically demonstrate that, not through words, bravado, or even select victories, but rather, the willingness to place yourself in vulnerable positions.”

SBG Portland Brown Belts!

“I had the privilege of awarding three new brown belts tonight.

Congratulations, Destiny, Justin, and Taylor. All three of you have demonstrated the skill, understanding, and heart that defines an SBG brown belt. I was proud to acknowledge that tonight. 🦍

From New Brown Belt Destiny Abbott

“A week ago I was totally blind sided by receiving my brown belt in BJJ 🤼‍♀️🤎 it took me a second to wrap my head around it, I think because Jiu Jitsu is a difficult art to see your own progress in and I have felt small and crushed both mentally and physically.

But I never stopped showing up, I kept at it and with time and so much fucking effort I’m am one step(and likely many years haha) away from a black belt.

I am so grateful to Matt Thornton and SBG for the knowledge and love. much love to Justin and Taylor who also received their brown belts I couldn’t pick better company,and to the training partners and coaches who have taught me so much about combat sports and that I am a bad bitch capable of more than anyone expected. I can’t wait for the iron man!”

Jesse Brock Comes To PDX!

“Coach Jesse Brock’s wrestling for BJJ clinic has been fantastic.

Lots of great details, but by far my favorite has been how Jesse approached and explained his clinch game. It is identical to our passing game. Solid base (identical to Rickson), connect to whatever frame is in your way, change angle, and get closer – all the while making them carry your weight.

Everyone who knows me knows that when it comes to martial arts and training, I love parsimony. The more things connect in principle, the more we can do with less, the better. And an approach to clinch that’s identical to passing is a great example of that concept in action. 🦍💡

Keep An Eye Out For This Series Coming To SBGU

From Jesse Brock-

“I had the privilege of teaching at SBG HQ this weekend!

I consider it a huge honor to help and give back to an organization and individuals that have helped me so much. Special thanks to Coach Matt Thornton for the opportunity and the students that sacrificed their time to train with me. Huge thank you to Charyl Rush for making the trip and being a fantastic uke/DJ!

Also, I had the opportunity to film my first instructional for SBGU! If you weren’t able to attend the seminar, the instructional goes over the same material plus a bit extra! Be on the look out for it later this year!!!”

“We just put a bonus video from SBG coach Jesse Brock’s new instructional series that we’re filming today – Wrestling for Jiu-Jitsu Athletes – in our SBG University Group page. 🦍🎥

This is one of the best takedowns I’ve seen from that rear bodylock.”

Well Done SBG Alabama!

“#incaseyoumissedit 👊 Rebekah and Rich went to work on Saturday in Louisville, KY at #b2fs168 🔥 Rebekah won by RNC submission 🙌, Rich lost a tough championship bout 💪, and both of them were in the gym on Monday getting right back to it. 🦍 #stayready

#spartanfitness #whoyoutraininwith #SBG #SBGAlabama #mixedmartialarts #winner #rnc #competition #fighting #boxing #kickboxing #muaythai #bjj #grappling #wrestling”

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