Beginning of SBG

SBG began officially in Portland Oregon, in 1992 – when its founder and head coach, Matt Thornton,

The Gorilla Press, Issue 144

Camp Is Back For those of you that missed out make sure you register early for the next one. Here’s a sneak peak of Matt’s section, reviewing the history of SBG and the why/how for where we are today. Sneak Preview Of Un-Pinnable “April’s SBG video podcast is pure gold! Coach Raymond Price walks you […]

The Gorilla Press, Issue 143

Early registration for Spring Camp ends TODAYApril 1st-3rd we are hosting SBG Spring Camp right here at SBG Alabama. #rolltribe Three days of world-class instruction from high-level SBG coaches will be an experience you’ll never forget! We HIGHLY recommend you take part in this seminar. Not only will you learn game-changing techniques, but you’ll have […]

The Gorilla Press, Issue 142

From coach John Frankl. “Last evening at SBG HQ. Matt Thornton and I discussed much of this over the past few days… Jiu jitsu, once again, mirrors life. Tricks and Hacks: Just because you can’t see the bottom doesn’t mean its deep. Fundamentals: Just because you can see the bottom very clearly doesn’t mean you’ll […]

The Gorilla Press, Issue 141

The Cold Reality Of Violence In The USA Right Now From Matt Thornton –‘More than a dozen American cities set all time murder records in 2021, including Portland, which had its most violent year on record.One of the most infuriating things about this was that it was all, 100% predictable. We knew it would happen […]

The Gorilla Press, Issue 140

SBG Nearly A Year After Covid SBG’s around the globe are coming back in force. We owe it to all of you for your continued support of the communities, and their re-openings. “Emotions are contagious. It’s no good if I am on the mat and in a bad mood. You have to be a cultural engineer […]

The Gorilla Press, Issue 136

Matt On Cleared Hot “I had the privilege of being on Andy Stumpf’s Cleared Hot podcast recently, with John Frankl and Travis Davison. We talk about the early days of BJJ, the first American black belts, the evolution of the art, police shootings, defunding the police, Portland, politics, violence, and much-much more. This was also the first time I’ve […]

The Gorilla Press, Issue 135

Matt Heads To Montana Each year Matt does a seminar circuit and Montana is always a priority on the list. His visit to Kalispell typically is accompanied by land mark belt promotions and this years visit was no different. Two of SBG’s Youngest Black Belts “I awarded my eleventh and twelfth black belt on Saturday. At […]