The Gorilla Press, Issue 115

Stella Davison Receives Judo Promotion Congratulations to Stella Davison, who last month received the honor of being  awarded her 1st Grade (Ikkyu) Brown belt certificate. The promotion is well deserved. Stella has been tearing up the competition on a national level for the last two years, becoming a two time Washington state IJF Junior champion […]

The Gorilla Press, Issue 114

New Videos On The SBG Youtube Page! Be sure to check in frequently to the SBG Youtube page! Every single week, SBG uploads an amazing range of top quality content, from instructional videos to in-depth interviews with SBG’s top coaches. In the last month alone, brand new coaching covering everything from cross sides top to […]

The Gorilla Press, Issue 111

New Podcast with Matt Thornton & John Kavanagh – To Watch Click Here Check out the latest SBG video podcast. This month, SBG President Matt Thornton sits down with SBG Ireland Head Coach, John Kavanagh! This episode is not to be missed. These are two of the most influential coaches in both SBG and the world of […]

Coaching 201: An Introduction

An essay on the of coaching done by SBGi originally published in October 24, 2005 In the last entry I talked about the core principles I use when coaching. These revolve around the three key areas of material, method, and mindset. Regarding the material, we want to make sure we are working the core fundamentals of […]

The Gorilla Press, Issue 110

Paul Sharp Releases MDOC Series Paul Sharp, SBG’s resident self defense and weapons training expert, has a decades-long background in law enforcement, self defense and martial arts. Not only is he a BJJ black belt, but he recently retired from a long career as a law enforcement officer, where he also trained as a firearms, […]

The Gorilla Press, Issue 109

SBG Montana Vlog Launches Back in January, SBG Montana launched their very own vlog; weekly videos encapsulating life at the Kalispell gym run by SBG VP Travis Davison. Alongside the more long form footage, short snippets and clips from the gym, often including words of wisdom from Travis, have been becoming increasingly popular. Not only […]

A conversation on Self-Defense, Violence, and Delusion

On Dec 3rd 2015, I had the pleasure of giving a talk at Wichita State University. The talk was hosted by Ben Holman, and the Wichita State atheists and agnostics group. Ben and I talked for about an hour, followed by a question and answer session. One of my goals is to help people develop a […]

About Matt Thornton

About Matt Thornton Matt Thornton was one of the early group of American’s to become involved in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, having been introduced to it in 1991. He was also the first person from the State of Oregon to receive a black belt in the Art. As a teacher he produced a video set […]

Krav Maga Portland and Self Defense

The ONE Secret Most Martial Arts Instructors DON’T Want You To Know And The TRUTH About Military based Martial Arts, or Self Defense Programs  Like Krav Maga in Portland Finding a martial art for self defense can seem like a daunting task. There are hundreds of options available around us from Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Systema, MMA, […]