Gorilla Cup and Humane Society Fundraiser


-Saturday Classes Are Cancelled-

For The Gorilla Cup And Humane Society Fundraiser!

Click HERE To Register

This weekend is right around the corner though so do yourself and the coaches a favor and REGISTER EARLY.

This will greatly speed up the tournament allowing coaches to set up brackets before the day of.

Early Registration May Be Over

But you can still register, and

Dont forget about the second annual kids camp!

For the second camp in a row we will be hosting a new section for camp. Kids camp registration is now open and is only $75.00!

Here’s what the VP had to say about it-

“Kids section is officially added to Camp!

Half of the dynamic duo will be in North Africa as a testament to the effectiveness of our kids program.

Ricky has stepped up to take on both 90 minute morning sessions at camp.

Truth be told he is the second best coach in Montana ????

$75 USD for both days.

See you all very soon.”


New Mini Series From Matt – The Cross Sides Conspectus

“What Is A Conspectus” A Conspectus fits this series perfectly. In this four video series Matt gives an overview of the must know details from cross sides top.

Detailing weight, pressure, and proper hand placement.

This allows even novices to practice escapes under proper circumstances to develop good habits all the way from day one, or day two thousand.

Enroll below to get some exclusive previews and a special discount on release!

Click Here For More Previews And A Special Discount


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