The Gorilla Press, Issue 126

Matt Joins JSM For Conversation

Auguest SBG Podcast, Joing Matt In Conversation With Long-Standing BJJ Jedi John Frankl

Matt Visits SBG Idaho

It’s been a slow year for travel but we are staying optimistic.

The Ladies Showing A STRONG Women’s Group In SBG IDAHO

Staying Optimistic Because-

Jiu-Jitsu WILL be back, and it will be back stronger than ever! A much needed reminder from coach Chris Haueter –
“I am convinced Jiu Jitsu will come back stronger than ever… You have to be patient… There’s always a way out. There’s no doom and gloom in Jiu jitsu. There’s only more problems that need to be solved!” #dirtydozen #blackbelt #chrishaueter #garage #virtualcoach”

You Don’t Have To Have Someone Better, In Order To Get Better

Resident BJJ jedi John Frankl reviews mindset while rolling and how to continually work and challenge yourself, no matter who you are training with.

SBG Texas Representing With New Logo

I’m sure you’re just as anxious as I am to get your hands on some SBG Texas merch!

The Continual Evolution Of Training From Coach Adam Singer

“I wanted to share (and further elucidate) something I shared tonight. I have been doing BJJ for about 22 years. 10 to black and about 12 as a black belt. This week we covered some very technical (efficient) and high percentage cross side escape material. Ideas that are deep enough to study a long time. Receiving on our side, shoulder escaping, bumping. But here is the secret, I didn’t really learn these things until the last 3-4 years. My point is not that it will take you 18 years. My point is that you are starting way further (not farther) than we ever did. It’s like a kid picking up the guitar today. They don’t have to invent Hendrix. He can stand on his shoulders from day 1. And then tonight I asked Bowles to show us how he navigates finishing from his knees and he drops straight fire, a simple high percentage turnover from the knees. I got to learn something new, my new go too turnover , right next to You, White, blue, purple, brown, and black belts.” – Adam Singer

Something You Should Never Do As A Business Owner

Matt joined the “Thinking Out Loud” crew for a conversation that, as Matt put it –
“It was my pleasure recently to talk with Vincent and Bruce about all the things no business owner should talk about. If you listen carefully, you’ll see my main point – that politics & religion has no place on the mats – emphasized many times over. Big picture, we need to keep talking, and remember that the values that unite us are much stronger than the controversies that divide us.

Paul Sharp On Appreciating Coaching

“I’m at a point in my personal evolution where I can’t remember life without Jiu-Jitsu. Which makes it even more meaningful and important for me to connect with and coach beginners. They remind me what it’s like to be new to this.
Seeing those light bulb moments, seeing the look on their face when they do something that is so removed from their ordinary life?
That’s the juice man. That’s my life, and there’s no way to express how grateful I am.”

New SBGU Preview In The Works.

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Henry Akins Joins Andy Stumph On Cleared Hot

Our Sept Podcast is here!

There seems to be a theme running world wide right now. A lot is going on and it’s easy to let our minds wander. Despite that we see the leaders within SBG continuing to bring us back to things that are important. Who we are, where we come from, and the focus on the positive, as we all move forward together.

From Matt Himself-
“This month I sit down for an interview with Rokas, and we dive into the rich history of SBG. From its start in the early 90’s, to where it is now more than 25 years later.
If the back story of SBG interests you, you’ll love this month’s podcast. 🦍💪🏻
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And From Chris Haueter-
“There is a period of time, close to 2 1/2 years, when I was a young hungry Purple Belt, where due to circumstances of life and geographical distance from the Gracies and Machado’s, I had to do this “Jiu Jitsu” thing, my obsession, on my own! I began teaching a few guys that I peeled away from the local Aikido and jkd clubs. There was a few challenge fights, some intermural Martial arts politics… but that’s another story. Fast forward several years later I found myself in Oregon teaching at the Straight Blast Gym. The guys in Oregon were young, courageous and eager to learn, “ no bullshit“ martial artists, hungry for this Jiu Jitsu “mystery”
Matt Thornton’s leadership of SBG and his martial arts journey is truly that of the heroes journey. Take a listen here. Take a listen here, Matt Thornton is truly a dedicated martial artist

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