Before Your First Class

The time has come and you’re finally visiting the academy for the first time. But what do you need to know before you first come in? Coming into an mixed martial arts academy can seem intimidating, but the truth is everyone at the academy is very welcoming and super eager to help! So what do […]

The Gorilla Press, Issue 125

Record breaking promotions, Throw back Thursdays, and MORE! But first- Matt has a conversation with long standing SBG Black belt and Officer, Ray Price From Matt- “Nationwide, policies and budgets related to law enforcement are being changed. Given that, I couldn’t think of many people better to talk to this month than SBG coach, Raymond Price.In addition […]

The Gorilla Press, Issue 113

Stella Davison Wins Judo Nationals Congratulations to Stella Davison, who headed to the US National Judo  Championships and came away as a national champion! Stella competed in four matches, finishing each of them via ippon. Even more incredibly, in her final match, Stella dislocated her shoulder, before soldiering on to finish the match victorious. This […]

The Gorilla Press, Issue 112 

The Matt Thornton Seminar Tour Continues! This month saw the SBG President head out into the world far and wide to spread more top level BJJ knowledge. On his first stop, Matt headed up to Canada to visit SBG Scarborough. There he continued to provide the tribe with the fundamentals of surviving and escaping from any position. […]