The Gorilla Press, Issue 140

SBG Nearly A Year After Covid

SBG’s around the globe are coming back in force. We owe it to all of you for your continued support of the communities, and their re-openings.

“Emotions are contagious. It’s no good if I am on the mat and in a bad mood. You have to be a cultural engineer for your community” – Karl Tanswell

Andy Stumpf From SBG Montana Breaks Down Underwater Movie Ops

Friend Of SBG Rokas On A Delusional Martial Artist Coping With Reality

From Rokas- “DK Yoo – a self-proclaimed self-defense expert / the “next Brue Lee” this morning had a boxing match against a former UFC fighter Bradley Scott. The fight was as weird as it gets with DK Yoo constantly going for a clinch, most of the time in desperation, including lunging for the legs of Brad just to survive. He also kept turning his back, exposing himself in all ways possible while displaying poor boxing skills by any standard.My main takeaways are these though:• The flashy stuff that DK and other delusional instructors teach in his seminar was not present during the fight proving yet again what many of us who already got disillusioned by “fancy” martial arts – what looks good during demonstrations won’t necessarily work in a fight/self-defense.• Delusional teachers are still great at making excuses. DK Yoo started the fight by making excuses about this condition, kept complaining about his condition during the fight, and spoke only about it after the fight has ended.• Delusional teachers are great at making a loss seem like a victory. By constantly stressing himself that DK is 10 years older, weighed less (choosing his opponent himself), and had active injuries, plus no professional fighting experiences he made it seem like a victory that he survived the 6 rounds (just barely and constantly stalling the fight). Meanwhile, that will be enough for him to continue pretending to be a hero and for his students to continue to make excuses on his behalf why this fight proved that “DK is great”.”

The Gift Of Violence By Mathew Thornton, Review

“Some reviews of my upcoming book “The Gift of Violence,” which set for release May 10th, are now in.Here’s what author, American science writer, and publisher of Skeptic Magazine, Michael Shermer had to say.“There is an evolutionary logic to violence that makes it part of human nature. The sooner we understand this fact the better we will be at knowing when and where to apply violence in the most moral and practical manner, both politically and personally. To the latter end, this may be one of the most important books ever written on self-improvement, inasmuch as the lessons imparted within will make you stronger, smarter, and safer. Read it and grow.”—Michael Shermer, Publisher Skeptic magazine, Presidential Fellow Chapman University, author of Heavens on Earth, The Moral Arc, The Believing Brain, and other books.”

Decembers SBG Podcast

From Coach Matt –Our December Video Podcast is here!This month, some of the best of 2021 in a Year End Review. 🦍🎥🙌🏻In old-school SBG fashion, Rokas has pieced together clips from interviews alongside instructional segments in an hour long video I know you’ll enjoy.

➖ I talk with philosopher Peter Boghossian.

➖ Demonstrate what “base” actually is.

➖ Randy Couture on the biggest mistake young fighters make.

➖ Escapes from tough positions.

➖ Forrest Griffin and Adam Singer on smart MMA drilling.

➖ What defines a good footlock.

➖ John Frankl on good, better, best Jiu-Jitsu.

➖ Alive drilling for escapes in MMA.

➖Robb Wolf on nutrition for combat athletes.

➖ Closed guard attacks and chokes.

➖Robert Verdell on Catch Wrestling vs Jiu-Jitsu.

➖ Holding Mount.

➖Stephen Whittier on the evolution of SBG.

➖ Much more.Enjoy, and please subscribe and share. See you in 2022!

Up And Coming SBGU Release From Paul Sharp

From Coach Matt –

“For years people have asked me: “When is SBG going to put out something on firearms?!”Here you go! 🙌🏻Coach Paul Sharp brought his decades of experience to SBG HQ and taught an entire series on firearms, dry fire drills, gun retention, edged, impact, and improvised weapons use and defense, verbal judo – and much more.Click on the link for a preview video, and enter your email address for more videos and updates in the coming days.”

Solid Jiu Jitsu Advice Applied To Life And Critical Thinking

“People who define themselves by their opinion can find anyone who questions their opinion threatening. This leads to an outcome that’s the opposite of maturing.Good opinions are like good Jiu-Jitsu grips, better served by letting go sooner rather than hanging on longer.” – Matt Thornton

Happy New Year, SBG!

2022 will be SBG’s 30th anniversary, and you can bet we will have some amazing things planned to commemorate that.We will gather together, embrace our loved ones, lift up our friends, vanquish our demons, and do many cool things. Believe it.

Per Angusta Ad Augusta.

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