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Paul Sharp Releases MDOC Series

Paul Sharp, SBG’s resident self defense and weapons training expert, has a decades-long background in law enforcement, self defense and martial arts. Not only is he a BJJ black belt, but he recently retired from a long career as a law enforcement officer, where he also trained as a firearms, defensive weapons and tactics, and bladed edge instructor. SBG University is proud to announce that Paul has just released his Multi-Disciplinary Optimization Course, or MDOC, online. Paul’s unique combination of experience in law enforcement, martial arts and coaching has led to a superb course packed with easy to perform drills that capture the fundamentals of self defense in all scenarios. Here’s what SBG President, Matt Thornton, had to say about it:

“There are very few things I get asked about more, than applying what we do to every day personal safety and self defense. ?

I can’t think of a better coach to help people with that than Paul Sharp.

Whether is managing unknown contacts, or handling tools (weapons), very few people have the experience & expertise Paul brings.

That’s why I am excited to announce Paul’s new MDOC series! ?

? NOW on sale! ?Don’t wait, get enrolled today. “

Paul Sharp, accompanied by SBG Vice President Travis Davison, headed over to the Cleared Hot podcast last month as part of the new release. Check out that podcast here!

Part of Paul Sharp’s drive to get his message out there, both through his MDOC and his involvement with SBG in general, is for the chance to build better and stronger communities that are safer for those in them.

Amanda Diggins Wins MMA Title

Congratulations to SBG Portland’s Amanda Diggins, who last month made her long-awaited return to the MMA cage, and came away victorious. Amanda took on Hannah Summers for the FCFF Featherweight title in downtown Portland, and looked every bit the champion as she proceeded to dominate every round.

The contest had an ever-increasing feel of inevitability to it as Diggins comfortably took down her opponent and controlled the fight in every round, before finally submitting Summers with a rear-naked choke in the fifth and final round.

It’s great to see the BJJ black belt world champion back in the cage, and the SBG tribe were out in force to cheer her on that night. Congratulations again, Coach Amanda, on a fantastic win!

Matt Thornton Arrives In South Africa

The end of March saw the beginning of Matt Thornton’s 2019 international seminar tour! The SBG President recently flew out to South Africa, where he will be visiting Johannesburg and Cape Town to deliver his brand new Survive & Escape series of seminars for the first time!

Every year, Matt picks a topic to break down and study in depth, before building up a seminar curriculum that identifies the core fundamentals for that position, and demonstrates them to students without the usual bombardment of extra techniques that muddy the waters.

If you are able to make it to one of Matt Thornton’s seminars, do so. There is no doubt that your BJJ will be vastly improved as a result.

As part of Matt Thornton’s seminar tour, the SBG President is heading over to England for the SBG UK Camp this Summer, from Friday the 14th to Sunday 16th of July, the founder of SBG will be presenting his finest material to the students across the pond. If you are in the UK, be sure to attend this amazing weekend!

The SBG Spring Camp Reviews Are In

March has come and gone, and with it, another SBG Spring Camp is officially in the books. Hosted this time by SBG Buford, the tribe headed to Georgia en masse from across the globe to learn from the best coaches SBG has to offer. This was truly a memorable camp, with over 150 people in attendance, and over 20 black belts gracing the mats. The reviews for the 3 day Spring extravaganza are in, and they are all glowing:

“Awesome 2 full days of learning from some of the worlds best coaches, trainers and fighters! It was an honor! Thank you #sbgspringcamp2019. “

“Another Spring Camp in the books and first and foremost Phillipe Gentry and Jim Sheppard have set a high bar for all future camps. Straight Blast Gym Buford is a phenomenal facility filled with an equally phenomenal staff.

I cannot stress how amazing it is to have a Tribe that has 150+ people, 20+ Black Belts on the mats for an entire weekend of World-Class instruction from Adam SingerMatt Thornton (Happy Birthday Coach!), John FranklGlyn PowditchChris ConolleyStephen WhittierTravis DavisonKisa DavisonSalóme Ás Thornton, John Kavanagh, John DigginsSean Saadi and Lily Pagle.

As it is with most camps, the most important things gained were not necessarily mat lessons, which were in abundance, but the reconnection with friends from all over the organization in addition to the new connections and bonds that you make. I could not believe how many people asked about my baby this weekend! A big thank you to Daryl Vickers for being the most supportive partner I could ever dream of and a huge source of constant encouragement in any opportunity to better myself.

If you have not been to an SBG Camp you should change that. It will change you in every way you want to and will allow it to.

See you in Niagara!” – SBG black belt, Brad Bentley

? Thank you to everyone who attended Spring Camp 2019. I appreciate all of you.

Thank you to the coaches who taught. Each and every one of you over delivered with what was, by far, the best classes I’ve ever seen.

Thank you Phillipe Gentry and Jim Sheppard. You have set a very high bar for all future camps. Well done, gentlemen.

And thank you Salóme. Having you there with me made this perfect. ?

More on camp later. And look for videos in SBGU. ?” – SBG President, Matt Thornton

SBG Ladies Camp Announced

 The end of Spring Camp means the long awaited announcement of this year’s SBG Ladies’ Camp. Every summer, SBG hosts a ladies camp somewhere around the world, as this year it’ll take place at SBG Athens. The camp will be across three days from June 21st to June 23rd, and will feature all the best women in the tribe, including BJJ black belt world champions, MMA champions and yoga experts. Every year the SBG Ladies Camp grows in both size and popularity. Sign up today to book your place!

Big wins for SBG Ireland

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A post shared by Liam-Og Griffin (@liamoggriffin) on Mar 9, 2019 at 2:36pm PST SBG Ireland has been making a name for themselves across the world for many years now, and 2019 is clearly no exception. March saw a team from SBG head all the way to Dubai to compete in the first ever Reign MMA event; an amateur MMA showcase displaying some of the most exciting amateur talent in the world, in a country where the sport is on the rise. Congratulations to the SBG athletes who made the trip and competed. The tribe went an amazing 5-0 on the main card that night! Here’s what SBG Cork Coach Liam Griffin had to share about the event: “An amazing experience to be part of the inaugural event on the rooftop of the @meydanracingconvention centre in Dubai with the Mountain from Game of Thrones in the audience. Team SBG went 5-0 on the main card with @ryanspillane1 getting a first round heel hook in the main event. Just over 5 years ago, I made a call to @coach_kavanagh to see if K2C could become part of the SBG family. I always knew we needed help to reach that next level but I could never have imagined how much support and mentor ship we were going to be plugging into with the wider SBG community. Thank you to all those companies who sponsor the Hulk on his journey to the top of the HW division. And thank you to the incredible family at SBG Cork for making our training environment as fun and challenging as it is. “

How Not To Raise A Quitter

Here’s a snippet from the SBG Montana video log capturing Coach Kisa Davison discussing the way to talk with your child to teach them the ability to self regulate instead of relying on their parents to make everything better. It is a candid moment that holds great advice for anyone raising kids in today’s world.

Wimp2Warrior Season Coming To A Close

After months of hard work and toil, the athletes from the Wimp2Warrior programs, both in Montana and Oregon, are finally nearing the finish line. Wimp2Warrior is a program that takes individuals with no prior experience of martial arts and puts them through an intensive boot camp so that they can step into the cage for their first amateur fight at the end.

The final events will be hosted next month, where previous newbies to combat sports will put themselves to the ultimate test in front of hundreds of fans! Best of luck to everyone who took part in the Wimp2Warrior challenge! Win or lose, the journey you have taken is worthy of congratulations in and of itself!

Saul Rogers Releases New Video Blog

SBG’s Saul Rogers has released a brand new video blog! Check out episode 2 above. Saul was a TUF finalist back in 2015, with visa issues sadly standing between him and the shot at an elusive UFC contract. Since then, Tha Hangman has been coaching consistently at his own academy, while quietly making his own headway. He recently signed to fight for Bellator’s card in Birmingham, UK, where he takes on former Cage Warriors featherweight title contender Aiden Lee.

Follow Saul’s video podcast as he prepares for his upcoming bout.

Big Wins Across Rule Sets for SBG Around The US

March was a big month for SBG on the MMA circuit, as fighters from every corner of North America stepped into the cage and were declared victorious!

Congratulations to Matt Elkins, who defeated John Vaughan with an impressive arm triangle choke in the dying seconds of the first round of his fight at NFC 117. Here is a video of Elkins discussing the fight beforehand:

Earlier in the same card, Danielle Wynn fought MMA March 8th in Atlanta for the NFC and won a unanimous decision after breaking her arm in the second round. She didn’t tell her corner and fought the remainder of the second and third rounds with said broken arm. Congratulations to Danielle, not just on the win, but on displaying an incredible warrior spirit to continue in the face of such adversity!

Meanwhile, over at SBG Buford, three athletes stepped into the ring to test their skills in a different rule set. Jim Sheppard, Nan Coker, and Alex Caruso all took on and defeated opponents in amateur kickboxing fights. Amazing job, guys!

At SBG East Coast, at the Caxcudo grappling championship, Elijah Thomas won his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu superfight by arm bar submission against a very game Kevin Shaughnessy. This adds another big victory to his run of high profile wins. His coach writes:

“Another day, another title. Phenomenal performance again by Elijah Thomas, winning his super fight today by submission against a very skilled opponent.

With full confidence I can say he is one of the best in New England in his division. With considering how fast he develops skills, and can perform them in a competitive situation, the sky is the limit for the national scene.

Way to lead your youth students by example. Congrats again!”

SBG Buford Student’s Incredible Transformation!

Away from the world of MMA, BBJ, and kickboxing results, the amazing impact that SBG has on the lives of people is always being felt. This month, we give special congratulations to Tracie Shaw, an SBG Buford student who has lost an incredible 35 pounds doing personal training sessions and fitness kickboxing classes over the past 6 months.

The change is absolutely staggering, and proves that SBG’s approach to build a welcoming tribe practicing effective martial arts and fitness is a formula that works, regardless of skill or fitness level. Amazing job, Tracie!

SBG, BJJ & The Importance of Framing…

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