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SBG Montana Vlog Launches

Back in January, SBG Montana launched their very own vlog; weekly videos encapsulating life at the Kalispell gym run by SBG VP Travis Davison. Alongside the more long form footage, short snippets and clips from the gym, often including words of wisdom from Travis, have been becoming increasingly popular. Not only do these little nuggets encapsulate much of what SBG is all about, they also provide excellent advice for both on and off the mat.

The clips range from subjects such as the ability to avoid regrets by giving 100% in all that you do, dealing with defeat, and to how to find your tribe. Follow SBG Montana on social media, to keep up with the latest releases from the gym.

The Tribe Continues To Grow In Canada

The subject of tribe that Travis Davison touches on in the video above is much of the reason for the amazing success of SBG. The welcoming atmosphere not only means that people from all walks of life find common ground on the mats, but that enjoyment and passion are discovered over time in both the students and coaches. Here, Coach at SBG Edmonton, Steve Winjet, took to social media to express his gratitude at the chance to coach his ever growing Foundations class:

“As the numbers grow every Saturday morning in Foundations I can’t help but feel a swell of gratitude.#sbg #otov #bjjlifestyle #tribe #loveyourtribe

Paul Sharp On Self Defense and his MDOC Launch

SBG Illinois’ Paul Sharp, SBG’s resident self defense and weapons training expert, was the focus of a SBGU video podcast last month where he discussed his background in law enforcement, self defense, martial arts, and self improvement. Paul has recently re-released his Multi-Disciplinary Optimization Course, or MDOC, online. In the video above, Paul provides a brief overview of what gets covered in the program. Paul’s unique combination of experience in law enforcement, martial arts and coaching lead to a superb course packed with easy to perform drills that capture the fundamentals of self defense in all scenarios.

Alongside the launch of his MDOC, Paul Sharp has been hosting free seminars for law enforcement personnel. LEO face unparalleled threats of violence on a daily basis and so it is with pride that SBG and Paul Sharp can provide this seminar to them as a way of saying thanks. One such seminar took place at SBG Montana.

“If everything is going too smooth, it is because you are in your comfort zone. “The struggle is part of a champion’s life” 

Too all my LEO bros, something sweet is taking place in northwest Montana. Come to the free training seminar by @paul_sharp_sbg this weekend and see what it’s all about. I once had everything going smoothly, and was in my comfort zone. Then I started training jiu jitsu. We are lucky to have a world class gym in the Flathead valley. Great things are in store for LEO’s locally, but don’t miss this awesome weekend of training.”

Paul Sharp Heading To SBG Portland

Paul Sharp will also be heading out to the SBG headquarters in Portland, Oregon in April for another two day seminar. Sharp will be hosting a two day seminar on April 20th and 21st, and will also be including a women’s self defense class on the 20th that is completely free with registration to the main seminar. The seminar is also provided at a discount to any law enforcement officers who wish to attend. Sign up now!

Two Big Wins For Georgia

If more proof were needed that SBG’s focus on fundamentals leads to success across disciplines, it came in early February over at SBG Athens and SBG Buford. Over the course of two days, two of the SBG coaches and athletes competed in two different sports, and executed two beautiful arm bars to perfection to pick up two big victories!

First, Coach Luke Blackmon earned himself an impressive first round win in his MMA bout with an arm bar from guard bottom after just one minute and eighteen seconds. The very next day, Head Coach Rory Singer stepped onto the mats at the IBJJF Atlanta Winter Open and submitted his opponent with an armbar to win gold in his black belt Masters division final! Congratulations to both athletes for your amazing wins!

Two days, two coaches, two sports, two arm bars, two wins. One Tribe; One Vibe.

Kron Gracie Wins UFC Debut

The same focus on fundamentals across disciplines that has been the cornerstone of SBG since the very beginning, was also the focus of Gracie jiu jitsu before that. In February, Kron Gracie marked his UFC debut by picking up his 5th submission victory in as many professional fights. During the contest, Gracie displayed many of the fundamentals that were first demonstrated in the original Gracie challenge videos decades earlier. Old school jiu jitsu is just good, fundamental jiu jitsu.

SBG Camp Is Around The Corner

March is here, and that means it is almost time for the SBG Spring Camp! Registration for the 2019 SBG Spring Camp is open and filling up fast. Avoid disappointment by signing up soon. This year the Spring Camp will be heading to Buford, Georgia. SBG Coaches from around the world are already signed up to attend, so don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn from and bond with the global SBG tribe.  Sign up today at!

“Why a life size sign for SBG Camp you ask. Because everything is bigger in the south, that’s why! Big trucks, big guns, big gyms, and a big sign. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay a big camp registration fee.”

SBGU Releases The BJJ Roadmap
SBG University has released the very first in a series of instructional videos called the BJJ Roadmap, which covers everything you might need to gain a thorough understanding of BJJ for self defense and fighting. In the first video, SBG founder and President, Matt Thornton, covers the fundamentals for surviving and escaping a very common fighting position; the head lock. As always, Matt talks through the required base, posture, connection and pressure; elements present in all BJJ positions, and how to use these to your advantage. Check out the video above, and be sure to sign up for SBG University to gain access to the rest of the videos in the series!

Staying Relevant As An MMA Coach 

Rick Davison is an SBG black belt and head coach of the MMA competition team and SBG Portland. He has been in the corner for MMA bouts for over two decades, and now heads up the Wimp2Warrior training program at SBG Portland. The above video provides a sneak peak at a recent interview where Rick covers the topic of staying relevant as an MMA coach in the ever changing world of combat sports. Wimp2Warrior is a unique program that takes individuals with zero martial arts training and puts them through an intensive training camp to prepare them for their first amateur MMA bout in from of a live audience. To learn more go to

Chris Haueter’s Sticky Feet!

Here is a quick video covering the key and often missed component of the osoto gari takedown; sticky feet! Grandfather of SBG, Chris Haueter, who coached SBG President Matt Thornton from blue to black belt, covers the importance of sticking your foot to your opponents leg to create the imbalance and the takedown.

Martin Stapleton Reminisces About Karl Tanswell

“Three Years ago cornering @daveygrantmma in a hard fought Victory the same night @mikebisping defeated Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva
Cornering alongside Coach Karl Tanswel was an experience in itself, always learned so much from sharing the corner with Karl, a master at connecting the physical with the mental ??”

Ryron Gracie On A Simple Armbar Escape

Matt Thornton’s 2019 Seminar Tour Begins

The end of March sees the beginning of Matt Thornton’s 2019 international seminar tour. On the 31st of March the SBG President will be in Johannesburg, South Africa to begin his Survive & Escape series of seminars, having built on the fundamentals and coaching principles of his previous mount and closed guard seminars.

Every year, Matt picks a topic to break down and study in depth, before building up a seminar curriculum that identifies the core fundamentals for that position, and demonstrates them to students without the usual bombardment of extra techniques that muddy the waters.

If you are able to make it to one of Matt Thornton’s seminars, do so, there is no doubt that your BJJ will be vastly improved as a result.

Adam Singer On The 3 Things People Will Hate You For In BJJ

SBG Athens Head Coach Adam Singer quickly covers the three things you can do during a BJJ roll that will have people hating you and wanting to “follow you out into the parking lot” after training. Don’t do these things, and especially don’t do them to a black belt like Adam Singer!

The source of the best JiuJitsu in world @ricksongraciejj thank you Master – Jean Jacques Machado[/caption

BJJ works!

And Finally, Some Self Defense Moves Against A Pistol Attack!

If you attend one of Paul Sharp’s seminars and decide fundamentals in both awareness of your surroundings and simple self defense aren’t for you, here are some extra, super secret bonus techniques for you to try…

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