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🚨 Early registration for Spring Camp ends TODAY❗️April 1st-3rd we are hosting SBG Spring Camp right here 📍 at SBG Alabama. #rolltribe Three days of world-class instruction from high-level SBG coaches will be an experience you’ll never forget! We HIGHLY recommend you take part in this seminar. Not only will you learn game-changing techniques, but you’ll have the opportunity to establish lifelong friendships and really see how our SBG tribe is like no other. 🦍

All experience levels are welcome and all other gyms are welcome. You do not have to be advanced or be a member of an SBG gym to participate. 🤙

On Friday the seminar will be from 4-6pm, with open mat from 6-8pm. Saturday and Sunday will be full days from 10am-6pm, which includes lunch breaks and open mat sessions. 🥋 The training sessions within the seminar will be broken into 90-minute sections (you are not required to participate in all of them, but it is recommended to at least take in the knowledge!). 🥊 And we will have a gym social 🍻 with the whole tribe on Saturday night! ⁣

Get registered ASAP at 💻!

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This Month’s Podcast!

Our March 2022 SBG podcast is here.

This month I talk to SBG VP, Travis Davison. 🦍🙌🏻

Travis is the first black belt from SBG HQ. He’s been with SBG for more than two decades. 15 or so years ago he moved to Montana, and opened up an SBG in the small town of Kallispell. There are now 5, thriving SBGs in Montana, with 4 Travis has some direct ownership in, and a total membership exceeding 1,200 members.

We talk for more than an hour about what it takes to run a successful gym; what his training schedule looks like; how he manages time; hard earned BJJ lessons; trepidation over competition; negative thinking; and overcoming the excuses that so often hold people back from achieving what they’re capable of.

Make sure you share, subscribe, and spread the word. We appreciate it. And we will both see you at our 30th anniversary Spring Camp in a few months! 🦍🔥

Becoming A Leader In The Tribe From Jill McKenzie

“In July 2021 Paul Sharp taught a Level One Coaches Candidate course. We’ve since graduated approximately 30 candidates from the program and have a Level 2 development course in the works. Some took the course to better themselves. Others have gone on to apprentice as assistant coaches in our kid’s, boxing, muay thai, judo and jiu jitsu programs.

For me, the most exciting part of this course was the volume of women interested in deepening their understanding of SBG core values with the goal of passing on a legacy rich in personal growth and improved self-awareness to help build people and grow our community: as Paul says “making good people more dangerous to bad people”.

Paul has taught literally thousands of people in his lifetime. He has invested heavily in building his skill as an instructor and leader. He has been recognized in multiple ways by multiple organizations for changing peoples lives; for saving lives. He gives credit where credit is due and shares his knowledge freely.

I have endless amounts of gratitude for SBG and the opportunities they have created to grow capable humans. At SBG we follow the tenets of Chris Haueter Think Street • Train Sport • Practice Art. This is a multi-faceted training approach and it relies on mindset.

Many thanks to Matt Thornton for finding guys like Paul, Rory, Adam, Travis, Chris and all the other OG’s that tested martial arts until they found what truly works. The investigation continues and I’m honored to be a part of it.”

Three Rules For Rolling From Coach Matt Thornton

“People often ask me how “hard” should one roll when training?

How much strength and energy should you use in the gym?

What’s too rough, or not acceptable with your training partners?

All good questions. Every situation is different. Every situation in Jiu-Jitsu has room for nuance and exception. That’s one of the reasons I often say in Jiu-Jitsu there really are no rules, just warnings.

That said, if I were to create rules for rolling, these would be the 3. They are in order of importance.

Pay particular attention to rule #2. While 1 and 3 are fairly easy to catch, rule 2 is where it gets trickier.

The most important person you need to be honest with is always yourself. 🦍💡

From 2018: Three Rules for Rolling.”

Click HERE for the full article.

Why Your First Roll Should Be With A Coach From Coach Leah Taylor

“Let’s face it, for the vast majority of people their first jiu jitsu rolls are chaotic and confusing.  As new players we have two modes: FIGHT or STOP.  At the beginning you are behind as soon as you start to move. You get into positions you didn’t know existed.  You’re breathing way to hard and thinking, “How to people make this look so easy?  I must really need to work on my cardio.”

At my home gym, SBG Montana, new students have their first matches with a coach after training in our beginner class for a few months.  Initially I thought that it would make our students less capable.  After all, I had my first matches the day I walked in the door.  That was the way it had always been done for a reason, so I thought.  Instead, the beginner class made the students way more technical.  They were better much earlier than I was as a white belt. “

Click Here For Full Article

A Lot Of Good Advice To Pull From After 30 Years Of SBG!

A lot of businesses struggle to be around after their first five years, let alone 30. The community and tribe is the biggest drive. Looking forward to another 30 years!

Two KO Wins From SBG UK, Great Work Coach Alex Enlund

“Looking for that next bonus with two bonuses for his KO wins over Day & Martinez and back to back Fight of the Night bonuses against Yanez & Vera. On May 14th he looks to secure the bag 💰👊🏻

Ray Price Coming To SBG Portland!

From coach Matt “If you’re within 1000 miles of SBG HQ this weekend then you’ll want to make sure you attend this seminar.

When it comes to teaching and explaining the all-important fundamentals, coach Raymond Price is one of the best instructors in SBG. 🦍

Matt’s Class In Preparation For Spring Camp

“Tonight’s class. A preview of what I’m planning for Spring Camp. 🦍

SBG HQ Promotions

I was honored to award a few belts tonight. Please welcome three new brown belts, one new purple, and one new blue belt to the tribe.

Well earned David, Zach T, Zach G, Gerardo, and Brian.

Working Hard On Un-Pinnable The Newest SBGU Course Featuring Coach Ray Price

Filming all day today with coach Raymond Price, for SBG University.

The material you’ll eventually see here will change the way you train escapes; and it’s all about connection. 🦍🎥💪🏻

UFC Films Documentary On Coach Robert Folis

Keep an eye out for this film and it’s featured interview with coach Matt Thornton.

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