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More Free Content From Portland, Rickson Gracie’s number one rule, and more.

Rickson Gracie’s number one rule.

From Coach Matt-

“As coach Paul Sharp says, making good people dangerous to bad people is what SBG is all about. To that end, every responsible human should know how to punch a bad guy hard in the face.

If you follow our material you know SBG is all about fundamentals (not what’s most basic, but, what’s most important), and you also know we don’t recommend much outside SBG. This, however, is excellent. Coach Bryce Franck is showing some really solid material that I rarely see taught, and certainly not taught this well.

Check it out. 🦍🥊”

-Head Coach Matt Thornton On This Year’s Seminars-

“Every year I pick one topic and teach it over and over at all my seminars around the world. I learn a lot by doing this. Each seminar is a little different than the last, and a little better. The fundamentals run so deep that even when I think I know the material inside and out, more reveals itself. By the end of the year my understanding is very different than it was at the beginning.

2019 was my year for Survive & Escape.

One of the key principles that stood out for me, is just how important shoulder alignment, and the movement of the shoulders is. Being able to move your shoulders under weight is a key to escaping. Being able to keep your shoulders level, is a key to staying on top. 🦍🔑

You’ll see that principle at play here, with the vehicle being used to demonstrate it being a counter to the underhook – from both half-guard, and cross-sides. 🦍💡

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How To Use BJJ In A Street Altercation?

Coach Matt says “Easy. Walk away if you can. If you can’t, they’ve probably grabbed you – and that will end badly for them.”

Matt Thornton jumps on SBG Edmonton’s head coaches podcast “Choking On Truth”

Steve Winjet has been hard at work producing a ton of content.  A part of that new content is his podcast chocking on truth. Check out eppisode 1 HERE featuring Matt Thornton.

“David Deutsch‘s Three Laws of the Human Condition: Problems are inevitable. Problems are solvable. Solutions create new problems, which must be solved in their turn.”

What is a “Dead-Pattern”?

Matt’s newest blog post on dead patterns and what they are. Click below for the full article.

December’s SBG Podcast, A View Into Fundamentals And SBG Camp In Niagara

Grandfather of SBG BJJ, Chris Haueter Visits Portland Oregon

From Matt-

“For 25 years I’ve had the same coach.

It’s important to find a coach and community where you belong. Once you do, it’s important you stay.

Coach Chris and I have had our issues in years past, and each of us has had life-changing things we’ve gone through, as we all do over the course of two-and-half decades. However, there is absolutely no substitute for a coach who’s known you for 25 years, a relationship that’s withstood 25 years, and a community you hold yourself accountable to. SBG. 🦍🌎💪🏻”

SBG Texas Release’s Their First Shirt Design

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