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The ONE Secret Most Martial Arts Instructors DON’T Want You To Know And The TRUTH About Military based Martial Arts, or Self Defense Programs  Like Krav Maga in Portland

Finding a martial art for self defense can seem like a daunting task. There are hundreds of options available around us from Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Systema, MMA, or Krav Maga in Portland. They all make claims for or against one another and some of them are so similar that an untrained eye can’t tell them apart.

In this article I will explain IN DETAIL how you can tell the difference between self defense that can keep you SAFE in the street, or training that will put you in Danger!

It’s unfortunate but there are quite a few Academies, Dojos, Gyms, or Training facilities, that are offering training that not only wont help you defend your self, but will give you a False Sense Of Self Confidence. I’ll also explain how false sense of confidence in your ability to defend yourself will make you MORE prone to being Attacked!

Even more disturbing is that just like with diets there are also self defense crazes!


The real reason people jump head first spending THOUSANDS of dollars on the most recent craze.

Self Defense and fighting is no different from diets and exercise. Who doesn’t want a magic pill that will all of a sudden give you a six pack! OR a quick training method that would turn you into a Bad Ass able to subdue three or four attackers in a parking lot!

Or Twelve “Trained” and Armed Thugs in a Garage! 

Is it really because we expect to fight like this? Is Holly Wood really giving everyone a false expectation? Or is it possible to defend your self like that? If so How Do You Find Out Before Your Stuck Having To Use It?

Is it really because we expect to fight like this? Is Holly Wood really giving everyone a false expectation? Or is it possible to defend your self like that? If so How Do You Find Out Before Your Stuck Having To Use It?

The Most Recent Martial Art For Self Defense Or Training System Getting Everyone’s Attention Is Krav Maga

One Look (if you use google) at the “Best Krav maga practitioner” Will Explain WHY

Krav Maga and any Krav Maga in Portland seems to bare a striking resemblance (although not as well choreographed)  to another System that was Popular in the 1990’s

Now For The TRUTH and the SECRET that most self defense instructors DON’T want you to know!

Imagine being able to subdue someone in MERE SECONDS! Or better yet two or maybe even three people at a time! That sounds amazing but is it just another magic pill? Is it the AB hancer of fighting?

(Trust me if someone touches you after wearing that thing they will know the truth)

Of course I’m not claiming that the training for Krav Maga in Portland is akin to the AbHancer but the video demonstrations are a far cry from reality. So what does a real fight look like? There are plenty of examples out there simply search street fight on and you will have thousands of videos to watch.

I didn’t spot any Krav Maga or Stystema in those videos did you? Those are simply real fights between real people. What does Krav Maga in Portland or any where else look like when you take away the choreographed elements.

That looks a lot closer to the street fights than the demonstration we looked at by that “Best Krav Maga Practitioner”.

The missing piece between the demonstration and the actual practice is something Matt Thornton and everyone in SBGi has been talking about for the last Twenty One YEARS!



SBG head Coach Matt Thornton has been coaching students using aliveness since he opened his Academy. It is the deciding factor between functional and useless training. It is also the element that separated those two Krav Maga videos.

Being Able To Spot Aliveness Will Guarantee That Your Training Will Be Use full IN REAL LIFE

First thing is to show you how to visually tell the difference between Alive Training, and something that would be dangerous to depend on. Then we will cover a short list of common excuses from “self defense experts” on why they don’t train using aliveness.

First to understand how to spot fake training you must understand what a feeder is.

Watch this video and instead of focusing on the person waiving their hands in the air watch the person they are trying to perform the techniques


Finally a full explanation on Aliveness and how to spot it by SBG’s own Matt Thornton shot in the mid 1990’s

Here is a short list of red flags you will here from a phony self defense instructor.

  • “They train for a sport, our training is for real self defense in the street.”

This is a pretty common attack against Alive Training. Picture this if you can’t hit someone in the head training under safe sport conditions with THESE-

Then how do you plan to poke someone in the eye with your fingers?

  • -“Our techniques are two dangerous to use against each other.”

Another common attack against alive training. Lets take a detailed look at what happens when someone who is so powerful that they can’t fight in a cage comes up against a 125 lbs chemist. In a demonstration put together by National Geographic.
How or why do students react this way? I am personally not sure but there are plenty of examples of people using “mystical” martial arts powers to defend themselves. The strange thing is there people out there who have never done martial arts that also demonstrate these mystical powers.

Here is Derren Brown a Magician, Illusionist, and Mentalist from the U.K. demonstrating his “Martial Art” powers.

As you can see the martial arts that don’t utilize aliveness are the ones that won’t work against a resisting opponent. Don’t Get Caught Drinking The Kool-aid!

If you are looking for self defense or Krav Maga in Portland Oregon

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