• Patrick D. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    Go here if you want to learn the right way. SBG is as encouraging as it is challenging. The instructors make sure you learn proper technique. This is important in order for you to grow as a fighter. I have been a member at other gyms and it was so ego-driven. You will not find that at SBG. Instead, you will find a supportive community that helps you to get to the next level in your training.

    Patrick D.
  • Rose S. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    Very comfortable environment. I never feel intimidated or judged. The coaches are fantastic at what they do! I've been going for about three months and have zero desire to stop any time so

    Rose S.
  • Denis D. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    Where Sbg shines is the curriculum and the way they teach the material. Coaches are friendly and make you feel welcome. There are a lot of skilled upper belts and members that have been training there for many years. If you want to train jiu jitsu this is the place to go.

    Denis D.
  • Chelsea P. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    Love this place!

    I'm very new to Martial arts of any kind. At the time I was so scared and overwhelmed by all of the choices. I had my orientation with Zach, who helped me decide where to start. Zach was extremely personable, and knowledgeable. Coach Amanda has also been amazing what an inspiration! 
    I can't say enough about the atmosphere. Such a vast group of people all striving to thrive not only physically but emotionally, spiritually and mentally. All helping lift each other up.

    Chelsea P.
  • Michelle Z. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    This gym is like family to me now, and some of my closest friends now are at SBG. The training there, first and foremost is incredible. Every single coach is top notch, relatable, technical, humble, and generous in their time and energy. The community is incredible, and diverse. You have young guns there, in their early twenties, you have littles in the kids program, you have the silverbacks, you have stay at home moms, single people, grandparents, artists, engineers, blue collar, white collar, no collar, they all come together and check their ego at the door, and line up on the mats to learn together, train together, and grow together. I love SBG, my husband and my two children train here, and I am there five days a week. 

    Michelle Z.
  • Luis T., Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    SBGi has friendly coaches and members who are all very accessible and knowledgeable. The classes for both children and adults are thought out and paced carefully to adjust and teach in a manner that really encourages exploration and learning. The schedule can accommodate most any parent or working professional. There's a great diversity of people and community/family feel to the gym that is warm and inviting. It's a place where you learn, work, and earn your stripes through trial and error in an environment where it's safe to learn from your mistakes and ask questions.
    The children's classes are well thought out and planned with time to learn and play games. My daughter has fun but she also learns a lot that she is happy to recount and show me at home after class time. It's also a boon for her that her head coach is female and is a great role model for her and the other kids in class. 

    It's been one of the best decisions for my daughter and I to take classes here!

    Luis T.
  • Matthew J. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    The jiu-jitsu at SBG is as good as it gets. There are no bad instructors here. Matt, John and Amanda have all led classes that I've attended and they were very high quality. There are world-class competitors and regular joes on the mat every night, there aren't many places where you can get that.

    The SBG organization as a whole is top notch. I've noticed nothing but high standards and no BS. 

    I can't speak personally to the circumstances of the negative reviews, but everyone I've met at SBG is honest and deeply cares about the school and the sport.

    Matthew J.
  • Matthew B. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    Very Impressed by the professional staff and friendly Vibe at this gym. It is a place I feel I can really grow as a Martial artist and have the chance to get world-class instruction in a safe, professional environment. I am grateful to have the opportunity to be apart of this Awesome place.

    Matthew B.
  • Dakota S. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    I've been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu here for over a year now and I can't say enough good things about this gym. The coaches are world class, the training partners are awesome, and the environment fosters growth in more than just martial arts. The feeling of community at SBG is strong and everyone looks out for each other on or off the mat.

    If you're looking for great exercise, effective martial arts training, or friendly people helping each other better themselves: SBG has it all.

    Dakota S.
  • Pirashanth K. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    Traveled from Toronto to visit at the head office of the world-class SBG Team. Amazing team. Quality coaching. Clean mats.

    Pirashanth K.
  • Josh B., Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    There are a lot of really good gyms in the Portland area to train Jiujitsu and this is definitely one of them. Some very talented practitioners and coaches can be found here and every time I have dropped in I have been treated like a welcomed member of the team.  

    The black belts I have worked seem knowledgeable, friendly as well as very capable. I believe that Matt Thorton (SBGi founder) has been a black belt longer than anyone else in the Portland area and has had an extremely positive impact on the Martial Arts scene not just locally but as a whole. 

    The gym works hard to provide a positive learning environment and maintain a strong sense of community.  I would recommend this gym to individuals who are new to grappling and Jiujitsu as well long-time practitioners.

    Overall a fun place to train as well as improve yourself.

    Josh B.
  • Brian H. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    The Straight Blast Gym International headquarters in Portland Oregon has quickly become than just a gym. Over the past 6 months, I have had more fun than I have in the past decade. I have learned more about myself and my capabilities than ever before in my life. The quality of the coaches and training is top notch, so much so, that I have aspirations of taking their coaching program in the future. Everyone from the newest member of our head instructor Matt Thornton has been friendly and helpful. I can promise you SBGi has turned out to be more than just a gym for me, and it could easily be much more for you. See you on there. 

    Brian H.
  • Aaron D. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    Amazing cast to lead you from zero to hero. Matt is the most honest and authentic mind I've learned from - his desire for the most simple, effective and applicable Jiu jitsu is beautiful

    Amanda is one of the most passionate, hardworking and loving people for her students and teammates

    Cane is just a great mind, wealth of knowledge and is an amazing Jiu jitsu player

    John Diggins is the 80's action hero who wants to make you better

    The people at this gym have brought me great joy, they make me want to invest all my time towards learning from them.

    Amazing tribe with equally great bjj.

    Aaron D.
  • Justin A. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    SBG really is a great organization.  I have been training there for a little less than 4 years and it has completely changed my life.  The coaching and training at the gym is top notch, and it is just a great group of people. If you are thinking about training in the Portland area you owe it to yourself to check out SBG.

    Justin A.
  • Christopher O. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    For me, it's most important that I have fun and I enjoy coming in to train. I don't like to force myself to go to the gym, I want to feel like I have a family of good people I'm going to visit so we can all learn from each other. SBG has that and they also have good instruction in part due to their well thought out system. They don't just jump into flashy moves and complicated submissions. They build up your game from a strong base and make sure that you understand exactly why and what you are doing. Most gyms do not do this which means the talented and athletic people move along while the rest of us drop out over time.

    They offer a full MMA curriculum too and even though I primarily practice BJJ now I like to train somewhere with options and it helps that even in BJJ the instructors have a good mind for full MMA rules or street defense.

    If you want to learn and have fun with a diverse group of open-minded people then this is a great spot to try.

    To address the bad reviews because I am a bit sad that such a fundamentally good gym would have such issues. I think perhaps the money back offer should go as it looks like it created just about every bad review here, maybe they could have handled things better in that department but I also have a feeling these people were rude as I know the staff here and I can't imagine they would be anything but honorable. Also, I think they should post the schedule, be very clear about pricing, and drop the contract system to avoid some of the issues I have seen posted about recently.

    Christopher O.
  • Rex P. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    I really cant say enough about this team.  Ive literally trained in gyms all over the country, Florida, Colorado,  The NW and Cali and so forth.   Never anywhere even in PDX have I found a more welcoming team, positive work environment and world class instruction.  No drama, no bs, just perfect.  

    Rex P.
  • Ryan R. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    The coaches are all very knowledgeable, easy to get along with, and you can tell they've all earned their stripes in their respective practice. The people who train here are equally kind, open to growth no matter how advanced or novice they are, and it seems like ego is always left at the door. If you're looking for simple training to get in shape and exercise, come here. If you're looking to learn how to compete and accomplish martial arts goals, come here. I can't wait to return.

    Ryan R.
  • Tim F. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    Awesome gym with great coaches! These guys know their jiu-jitsu, and most importantly they know how to teach each individual to be their best. All of the other students are great too, there's a real social atmosphere in the gym. If you're looking to get into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Mixed Martial Arts, there's no better gym in Portland!

    Tim F.
  • Sarah R. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    Amazing gym. Amazing community. Welcoming to all yet serious and life-changing. I Highly recommend SBGI.

    Sarah R.
  • Ethan P. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    I train at the Burien sbg location and have been lucky enough to learn from and train with some of the Portland coaches when they come up to Burien. John, Amanda and Cane are fantastic coaches and really break down the fundamentals so you build a solid foundation. I also was able to go to Matt Thornton's seminar when he came to Burien and it made a huge difference in my jiujitsu. I highly encourage anyone thinking of trying to jiujitsu in the Portland area to go here and see what these guys are all about.

    Ethan P.
  • Dallas S. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    I just recently joined a few months back and every time I'm there I'm glad I did. I did do my research of MMA style gyms all over the northwest and finally came across SBGi. I watched multiple videos and read up on their philosophy and knew it was the right fit for me and my aspirations. The instructors are knowledgeable and real and make me feel like I'm part of a bigger family. This is important to me because of my past and the fact that I'm alone up here. Since joining I've been more motivated to get my life together and be more disciplined. I recommend this gym for all ages and for those who are curious, come try it out...you'll love it. One Tribe, one Vibe

    Dallas S.
  • Jessica M. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    My daughter and husband go here and the staff is amazing!!  They are knowledgeable and professional.  They do their best to help you succeed and be the best you can be!  We will never go to any other gym!!  The kids classes are taught by amazing instructors that really care for the kids.  They are patient and give so much support.  This gym is more like family than just a membership!!  They help with not only Jiu Jitsu but with building the strength of mind, body and spirit.

    Jessica M.
  • Mark F. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    I moved here in 2014 with a brown belt from an affiliated gym. All of the coaches and students immediately made me feel incredibly welcome. All of my favorite people in Portland train at this gym with me. I love it and I love them. They have helped me deconstruct and reassemble many areas of my jiu jitsu game. I'm a trained educator, and I have literally never seen better coaching anywhere. There are of course things that I would want them to do differently, but none of it has to do with the technique, teaching methods, or vibe of the gym. And those should be the most important things.

    Mark F.
  • James T., Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    I have been set SBG since Feb, and has trained in the past at few other gyms I can say that  SBG is top notch. The systematic approach they use helps students progress and provides a safe training environment. I have enjoyed my training so much that I have even signed my 4-year-old daughter up. I would recommend this gym to anyone from beginner to highly seasoned martial artists. The coaches are super friendly and knowledgeable, and the other students have been very welcoming.

    James T.
  • David M. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    You won't find a jiu-jitsu gym with a more welcoming culture. Not only that, the instruction is world class. I would give SBG more than 5 stars if I could!

    David M.
  • David K. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    I started training at SBG a little over a year ago this week, My intent at the time was simply to investigate a hobby and get back into shape. A year later and not only have I drastically changed my fitness level for the better, I've also been introduced to an incredible group of people, all dedicated to bettering themselves and the people around them. My brother trains at sbg, and one I got one of my best friends to start recently as well. This place is awesome, and the benefits, physically mentally and socially you'll enjoy are worth taking the plunge.

    David K.
  • Pus W. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    Really great, welcoming coaches from blue belt to black belt, including highest level competitors in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Excellent striking coaches & yoga instructors as well. Also, the members themselves have been nothing but kind and helpful to us since my girlfriend and I began training here 1+ year ago. This place is great. Totally supportive team environment from literally all walks of life... from kids on up. SBG rules!

    Pus W.
  • Kay O. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    I've trained here for a year and couldn't be happier with SBG. The coaches are knowledgeable, approachable and lethal. Besides getting in better shape I've discovered some unintentional benefits of training here like being able to think clearer when under stress, being able to look at problems from an innovate angle, and I have met some pretty rad folks. It can be overwhelming making the first steps into a new gym but It's worth stepping on the mats here.

    Kay O.
  • Casey N. , Straight Blast Gym Portland Testimonials

    Involvement with martial arts can really have a profound effect on your life, and SBG has to be one of the top schools out there today.

    All of the coaches and students here are welcoming, knowledgeable, and dedicated. They offer classes for every skill level, and I've never received anything but positive, constructive feedback and encouragement since I've trained here.

    I couldn't recommend this place enough!

    Casey N.


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