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SBG Portland came out strong and headlined FCFF 100 with Peter Lysenko's second title fight. Taylor Marrow age 47 won 30-27, Andrew Kritzer a narrow loss, and a 19 SECOND win for James Taylor! Peter lost via dicision but left with good spirits and I am sure we will see him back soon.

Here's what Peter had to say about the fight-

"Thank you SBGi, truly grateful and blessed by the love and care I feel from each and every one of you. As this post fight depression slowly dissipates, I only look forward to being back in my home, learning from each and every one of you."


And from coach Cane-

"So proud of Taylor Marrow, James Livingston Taylor, Peter Lysenko and Andrew Kritzer. You guys are my hero's. It takes guts and character to step in there and put it on the line. Very few of us have what it takes to do that. You inspire the rest of the tribe to be better and lift us all."


And from coach Matt-

"I let coach Ricky Davison know how impressed I was last night with the whole team. I’m proud of everyone.

And I think we can all agree that when it comes to warm up fashion, nothing compares to an SBG athlete."


Keep your eye out as there are plenty more fights to come.

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