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Last night SBG Portland was honored to gain two new black belts. Chris Stearns and Eddie Ziegler. Two fantastic coaches and competitors that it's an honor to share the mat with.

Here's what head coach Matt Thornton had to say about the event.

"Tonight, after an almost 3 hour/ 80 person Ironman (SBG style) I had the honor of awarding my 25th & 26th black belts. 🦍💥

Black belts around the world breathed a sigh of relief as Eddie Ziegler received his well earned promotion.

Anyone’s who has trained with, or competed against Eddie in the last few years knows how good he is. What you may not know, is he’s also an excellent coach. His recent trip with me to Coach Whittier’s, showed me that.

Chris Stearns was competing at Worlds as purple belt before many of our members ever started BJJ. His game’s always been solid, but he’s also proven himself to be one of the most talented teachers I have.

Chris can effectively command a class of children, or adults, no matter their level. And for the last few years Chris, along with coach Mertlich, have run my coaches training programs - which shows you the level of confidence I have in his ability to pass information on.

SBG standards never change. They remain very high, worldwide. All of our black belts are technical and tough. But I also want to make sure my black belts understand how to teach, how to award belts, and how to help others grow through this process - all the while showing the kind of character that represents all of us in SBG well.

Chris and Eddie exemplify that."

The entire eveent was also livestreamedfor those that were unable to attend in person. Click the link to watch the event and be sure to like and share the footage! 

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