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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legend, Rickson Gracie, interviewed by Matt Thornton, the founding coach of SBG Portland and SBG international. See what Rickson has to say about coaching philosophies, the current competition meta, his favorite BJJ athletes, and more!  


MMA Legend and SBG athlete Connor McGregor


Portland's own world class BJJ athlete, Amanda Diggins.











Rickson played a large part in the founding of SBG. Matt cites him as one of the main sources for his coaching philosophies and understanding of BJJ. These coaching concepts have led to the creation of some of the world's top athletes. Athletes like Amanda Diggins (Portland) and Leah Taylor (Montana) who BOTH, at the highest level of competition for BJJ in the world, just placed at the IBJJF World's as BLACK BELTS.  Not to mention the other world class athletes, like the famous Conor McGregor, who is easily the top fighter in multiple weight classes, and possibly the best pound for pound MMA fighter in the world. This interview was filmed and edited by Vic Levine. Be sure to check out the SBG Podcast on iTunes -Click Here-  and subscribe to our YouTube Channel -Click Here- for great interviews, news, techniques, and more!     In April, SBG was lucky enough to host Rickson Gracie in Portland, Oregon, for a once in a lifetime seminar. Well over two hundred students, from all affiliations and disciplines in martial arts, traveled from across the globe just for a chance to train with Rickson for three hours. It was an extremely enlightening experience and we are very grateful to Rickson for the opportunity to learn about his ideologies on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  

Rickson's BJJ seminar in Portland

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