New ITP At SBG Portland   The Instructor Training Program Returns SBG has been a global leader in innovative martial arts training for 25 years. In that time, the SBG banner has spread across all continents, and in BJJ and MMA alike, is truly a symbol of excellence. What sets SBG apart, and ensures the highest quality of coaching throughout its affiliates, is its simple but effective approach, a focus on fundamentals, and its ability to provide a clear way for all coaches to instruct effectively. This is achieved through SBG's Instructor Training Program. The Instructor Training Program Level 1 at SBG Portland is a two month program that provides students with the essential knowledge to become an assistant coach with the organization. The program shows effective approaches to coaching, and is not just specific to BJJ, stand up, or MMA, but instead transcends any one discipline! ITP breaks instruction down to its core elements. Like with all things, SBG is driven to find the fundamentals! The program is not just classwork, listening to tedious lectures and taking notes. It is extremely hands-on from day one, and really encourages all students to step out of their comfort zone and get used to public speaking and presenting in front of a group of peers. It not only teaches you to coach, but develops confidence and leadership skills, while providing with constructive feedback in a supportive environment! The ITP at SBG Portland will be led once again by Chris Stearns and John Mertlich. Two wonderful SBG coaches and familiar faces to anyone who has spent much time at SBG Portland. With over a decade of coaching experience between them, as well as multiple, successful ITP courses, students really couldn't be in better hands. This year's ITP Level 1 course runs from XX March to XX April, and is open to any SBG student who has graduated their Foundations class. If you have ever had aspirations of coaching in the future, want to challenge yourself and gain confidence speaking in public, or want to gain a greater understanding of how SBG's approach to coaching works, then the Instructor Training Program is for you. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn the essence of what makes SBG's approach so great! Contact Zach Thornton or visit the SBG Portland front desk for more information and to sign up today!    

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