2017 SBG Spring Camp Open


Early Registration for 2017 SBG Spring Camp is now open!

This year’s SBG Fall Camp was one of the greatest yet. Not only in terms of location, set in the beautiful Berkeley, CA and hosted by the wonderful Lily and Alan Pagle, but in terms of instruction, as coaches went to new levels to simplify the essential elements of BJJ and martial arts in each of their sessions. This lead to improved understanding and accessibility for all in attendance. Those who missed it, indeed, missed out. But if you are one of those unlucky souls, despair not! The great thing about SBG’s training camp set-up is that we are never more than a few months from the next one! Just this week, early registration has opened for the SBG Spring Camp 2017! The 2017 SBG Spring Camp will be held in Niagara Falls, Canada. The event will be hosted by SBG Niagara, in partnership with SBG Toronto and SBG Scarborough, and held on the weekend of March 31 – April 2, 2017. Each Camp seems to be better than the last, and that can be of little surprise, as with each camp, the whole tribe grows, learns and refines its approach to the martial arts. Still unconvinced? Read SBG Portland Coach and Black Belt Cane Prevost’s review of the last camp: “What struck me most was how little (in terms of material) that everyone taught and how much (in terms of knowledge) I gained. As simple as possible but no simpler. This was a giant step forward for the tribe. You will see the effects of this focus on the why instead of the how ripple throughout the organization with astonishing results. It’s the next step in the evolution of SBG and I’m ever grateful to have been there to see it blossom.” Sign up now for the 2017 Spring Camp! Be sure to sign up early, as prices will go up before you know it. You won’t regret it, learning from the greatest coaches the SBG universe has to offer, for a full weekend, in a beautiful part of the world! Sign up today!

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