Huge Medal Haul At Revolution XXXII


SBG Wins 28 Medals At Revolution XXXII in Tacoma

Last weekend saw SBG athletes from across the Northwest make the trip to Tacoma, WA for the last Revolution BJJ tournament of the year. Teams from Portland, Idaho, Montana and Burien all represented SBG on the mats and on the podium, with medal winners spanning from the Advanced Absolute division all the way down to six to eight year old beginners. The breadth and depth of talent on display shows not just that SBG is home to elite athletes, but that those athletes are becoming first class coaches raising an exciting new generation of talent. In all, SBG won 28 medals; 13 gold, 8 silver and 7 bronze. The team as a whole took third in the Adult No Gi Team standings, fourth in the Overall Team points and fifth in the Youth/Junior Overall. SBG Idaho's Jesse Brock found himself on the podium three times, winning gold in his brown belt master weight class and Advanced no gi weight class before narrowly missing out in the Absolute No Gi competition and taking second. The always inspiring Stella Davison won three golds; winning both the adult white belt and fourteen year old orange and green weight classes, before taking the adult women's beginner no-gi competition! SBG Burien's Joseph Cabaccang was the other SBG athlete to go home with more than one gold to his name, earning impressive victories in the Gray belt 14 & 15 weight class and Intermediate 12 & 14. The other gold medal winners were Michael Maginn, Nathan Vanderven, James Ellis Jr., Dustin Holmes, Andrew Szarkowicz and Lucette Walker. Congratulations to all the gold medal winners on all the hard work and effort that took you to the top of the podium! Those who won silver and bronze included Aasin Liberato, Kimi Walker, Michael Maginn, Tristan Paulson, Weston Robinson, Grady Robinson (who won two silver medals; one in Gi, one in No Gi!), Nathan Vanderven, Daniel Szarkowicz, Daniel Crawford, Josephine Walker, Isabella Downing and Kai Cabaccang. Well done to everyone who competed on the day. Whether you won a medal or not, the whole tribe is extremely proud of all your efforts and willingness to test your skills. A special congratulations to all the SBG youth athletes who competed, not only did they win the bulk of SBG's medals, but they provide constant inspiration for the older generation. Congratulations everyone!

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